At HVA, Inc., we have appraised numerous property types ranging from vacant land to large mixed use developments. We donít specialize in any one property type, however, due to the high volume of appraisals conducted here, we have appraised numerous properties that are considered specialty uses such as churches, schools, medical offices, and bank branches. Listed below are properties we have appraised over the past several years:

Large multi-tenant office buildings
Single tenant and owner occupied office buildings
Large garden style apartment complexes
Small, five-plex and larger apartments
Single family home subdivisions
Surgery and MRI facilities
Office condominiums
Low income housing tax credit and HUD apartments
Mobile home and RV parks
Hotel and motels
Condominium and town home developments
Kennel and veterinarian clinics
Grocery store anchored shopping centers
Power and community centers
Big box retail properties
Regional shopping malls
Free standing retail stores
Bank branches
Convenience stores with and w/o gas
Automobile dealerships and repair facilities
Large manufacturing facilities including citrus processing
Large and small distribution warehouses
Cold storage warehouses
R & D and Labs
Self storage facilities
Steel and concrete fabrication plants
Schools, daycare facilities and churches
Healthcare Ė Nursing, independent and assisted living
Funeral homes
Citrus groves
Pay parking lots and garages
Radio towers
Cell tower land leases
Golf courses, driving ranges, and country clubs
Small commercial lots to large tracts of land
Ingress/egress and conservation easements


Service Advantage

Why arenít service oriented companies providing better service to their clients and customers? Why is it that when you order a product like furniture or computers and the delivery is promised on a certain date, you find yourself waiting only to receive a phone call late that day or the day after saying that the delivery was held up. Then when the product is delivered, something is missing or damaged and you end up waiting weeks for the replacement. Why is it that you have a 10:00 doctorís appointment and find yourself in the waiting room for 45 minutes to an hour only to be escorted to an exam room where a nurse asks a few questions and you sit there for another half hour? Then the doctor drops in for five minutes. And, why do you order an appraisal and donít hear anything from that appraiser for two or three weeks? Then, at the last minute the appraiser tells you he doesnít have all the information? I donít understand why service is so poor.

After working in the real estate appraisal business for almost 20 years, I realized something was missing. My customers are mostly lending institutions; banks, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, etc. They typically order appraisals on commercial real estate on behalf of their borrower who desires to secure a loan with that property. Everyone is almost always in a hurry and they often wait to order the appraisal after all due diligence is complete. The appraisal process typically takes two to four weeks.

The industry is extremely fragmented and dominated by small appraisal shops that typically have one owner and a couple of staff appraisers. The MAI designation is the gold standard of our industry. It will often take five to ten years to achieve this prestigious designation so the barrier to entry is high. MAI designated appraisers are very skilled at what theyíve been trained to do, appraise real estate. Unfortunately, when it gets very busy, you canít just add more appraisers at the drop of a hat. Most appraisers work harder and became less assessable to their clients and often quote drastically higher fees and increase delivery dates to slow down the work. It is a very frustrating feeling not being able to provide an appraisal to a reliable customer but its better than making a promise that canít be kept.

Much of my prior experience has been working for large appraisal companies that supposedly have more business knowledge and supporting services. However, what I have found with larger appraisal companies was that they were not that well managed and everyone was just going as fast as they could multi-tasking and putting out fires. Someone hire up makes a promise to a customer that a subordinate has to make happen and that person already has made commitments to others. They seem to drop the ball more often than not. I kept pondering the question of how to hire and manage a large enough staff to handle fluctuations in volume and still provide a good quality product at a reasonable price with no hassles with quick delivery.

Through research, we learned how to create a business system that allows us to serve the market without being consumed with the hands on operations of the day to day business. We have more time to spend with clients and better facilitate their needs, and provide a superior product at a competitive price and quicker turn around times than our competitors. Best of all, we are more organized and have a much smother running operation so that when something unexpected arises, we have the time to address it immediately and resolve any issues. Our appraisers earn more through a systematized production process that allows them to focus on valuation issues and customer satisfaction. Our customers benefit from the timely service and punctual deliveries and increased communication.

We call our system the

Service Advantage  and  we  would like to show you

how it can benefit your companyís real estate valuation needs.

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